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When Simi finds a pretty old candlestick among the discarded props in the company storeroom, she never imagines it will grant her dearest wish. There’s something mysterious about the carved candlestick, but Simi is drawn to it. She’s saved a red candle from a box she bought years ago in an antique shop, and intends to use the candlestick to hold the last candle and make her solitary Christmas lunch more festive. It’s Christmas Eve, there’s sleet in the wind, Simi slips, but Jason catches her. Who is Jason? Where has he suddenly appeared from in the night?
Simi looks into the eyes of this gorgeous man and sparks fly …

Erotic fantasy romance from Siren Publishing and Elodie Parkes
Advance teaser

The space between them pulsed, making Simi feel as if he actually pressed against her. The atmosphere suddenly laden with sexual tension, Simi stared down at the parquet floor as she led Jason down her apartment hall to the living room. She stopped and turned to him. He loomed in front of her like a magnet of pure sexual temptation. She dropped her bag by the coffee table and unbuttoned her overcoat. She dared to look into his eyes as she slid the coat off.
“Let me take your coat. The heating is on. We’ll get warm quickly now.” Her voice shook a little.
Jason took his overcoat off and handed it to her with a smile in his eyes.
“Thank you.”
“Sit down. I’ll take these and put some coffee on, or would you like a glass of wine? I think I have some bourbon, too.”
His voice low, he slowly sat on the end of the sofa as he answered, “Coffee is very welcome.”
She practically ran to the coat stand that was halfway down the hall near her kitchen door. She pulled her business suit jacket off and hung that there, too. With a little skip into the kitchen, Simi put coffee on. She left it to percolate and walked back to the living room. With every step, the need to be held against Jason’s muscled chest again grew, until when she saw him sitting quietly on the sofa, her heart gave a huge flip.
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Clair’s Clan welcomes Serena Akeroyd.


My guest on Clair’s Clan today is the self published author, Serena Akeroyd. She’s here to tell us the story behind “Ménage Material,” and to give us a taste of the story. It’s HOT so hold onto your hats.

teaser 7 for menage material

Ménage Material Blurb:
Realizing there’s a third person in her marriage, Devvy Jacques is stunned. Discovering her husband’s lover is a man, she’s horrified. Learning that man is Alexei Ivanov, the internationally renowned scientist behind the cure for cancer, she’s…
Being part of a ménage wasn’t in any of her fairy tales as a kid, but the more she’s with hubby, Sebastien, and new lover, Alexei, the more she realizes it’s a dream come true.
Around them, between them, under or above them, Devvy flourishes, becoming the woman she was meant to be before life did a number on her.
With the ménage flourishing, and love growing every day, it takes a twisted blackmailer to derail it all. Raking up past secrets Alex wants to remain hidden, and exposing their unusual household to the world’s eye, the trio face enough challenges to unravel apart.
Will life work its mischief or will they still have what it takes to be perfect, Ménage Material?

About Serena

Serena Akeroyd is a romanceaholic. She won’t touch a book unless she knows there’s a happy ever after at the end of it. Pathetic as it may be, because of this addiction, Serena decided to craft her own tales, stories that suit her voracious need for raunchy romance. After all, a love story ain’t a lurve story without a bit of raunch!
A citizen of the world, Serena is a nomad at heart, and her novels enable her to travel the globe and all behind her computer desk. Naturally, she’d prefer the option of a private jet, but still, if wishes were horses, eh?
The author behind the Naughty Nookie series, available on Amazon, Serena has plenty more to offer. Most of them involving threesomes! Watch out for Sci-Fi, paranormal, and historical ménage à trois!
Always feel free to connect with Serena, she’d love to chat with her readers, as well as fellow raunch addicts!

teaser 3 for menage material

Ménage Material Blurb:
Realizing there’s a third person in her marriage, Devvy Jacques is stunned. Discovering her husband’s lover is a man, she’s horrified. Learning that man is Alexei Ivanov, the internationally renowned scientist behind the cure for cancer, she’s…
Being part of a ménage wasn’t in any of her fairy tales as a kid, but the more she’s with hubby, Sebastien, and new lover, Alexei, the more she realizes it’s a dream come true.
Around them, between them, under or above them, Devvy flourishes, becoming the woman she was meant to be before life did a number on her.
With the ménage flourishing, and love growing every day, it takes a twisted blackmailer to derail it all. Raking up past secrets Alex wants to remain hidden, and exposing their unusual household to the world’s eye, the trio face enough challenges to unravel apart.
Will life work its mischief or will they still have what it takes to be perfect, Ménage Material?

Excerpt: Adult & Story

“We enjoy the opposite sex,” she mimicked, glowering at the pair of them. “I should damn well hope so considering you’ve just spent the last two years married to me, Sebastien.” A thought popped into her head and she choked out, “Is that why you haven’t touched me for over a month? You’ve stopped enjoying the opposite sex?”

Sebastien snapped, “I haven’t touched you because La Belle sans la Bête was under threat of a hostile takeover! As much as I love losing myself in your body, ma petite, sometimes the spirit might be willing but the body is weak.”

“Why didn’t you tell me about the takeover?”

He rolled his eyes. “Women. You can’t win either way!”

“If it stresses you out, then it stresses me out. Is that so hard to understand?” she directed the question at Alexei, who held up his hands in surrender.

“Don’t get me involved. I’ve already had this argument with him. Many a time. He knows how I feel on the subject.”

The pair of them directed their gaze at Sebastien. “Don’t keep scowling like that. The wind will change and then you’ll be stuck that way forever!” she told him, watching him try to fight a smile at the nonsensical advice. Something her grandmother had told her long ago.

“And do you care for my pretty face, mignonne?” he asked, the smile breaking free and tugging at his lips.

“Maybe,” she retorted, unwilling to stroke his ego. “Look, I’m still waiting for an explanation. I think I’ve been more than patient.”

“And your patience shall be rewarded, Devvy,” Bastien muttered, sinking back into the sofa with a sigh. “We might as well relax while I tell the tale.” He waited until Devvy and Alexei had taken a seat, his wife moving to the place beside him, leaving the armchair free for Alexei. It was a small act of possessiveness that both men recognized instantly.

“Firstly, you must realize, Devvy, that neither of us meant you any harm. If anything, it’s the contrary.”

She frowned. “What do you mean?”

“We both wanted to love you.”

Stunned, Devvy sat forward, half-stood up, and then sat back down again. “Both of you?”

Alex nodded. “Yes. I have known Sebastien for nearly twenty years. Before he was the rich industrialist we see now.”

“You’ve been friends? Or more than that?”

“More,” Alex murmured, voice gentle.


“Don’t look so broken-hearted, mignonne,” Sebastien whispered, seeing his wife’s beautiful features crumple with her pain made the tension at his temples beat to a tune of its own. “I am not a stranger now I have made this revelation. This is simply another facet to my nature.”

“A rather large facet,” she snapped. “You’ve had a male lover for twenty years and you didn’t think your wife might appreciate knowing that?”

“I’m telling you now.”

“It’s a funny time to start being honest. What changed?”

“You asked if I was cheating on you.”

“And I was bang on the money, wasn’t I?” she spat, her anger making itself known in her hissed retort, before it whooshed out of her and she collapsed back into the sofa.

“Technically, he has been cheating on me with you,” Alexei pointed out and shook his head as her eyes shot a warning his way. “I do not say this to hurt you, Devvy. It is simply the truth.”

“One that does hurt!” she cried, unsure whether the tears pricking her eyes were from anger or sorrow.

Sebastien grabbed her shoulder and gently began to knead. It was a sharp contrast to the way she’d cosseted him only ninety or so minutes ago. She wanted to move away, shove his hand off, but Devvy didn’t want to hurt him. Unlike the way he’d hurt her.

“I’m sorry, chérie.” Bastien sighed. “But there is more to this than pigeonholing me as gay. What Alex and I have together is not strictly monogamous. Before you, we took other women to bed, but not men.”

“So you’re bi?”

“I hate labels, Devvy. We are what we are.”

“God, this belongs on some bad soap opera. What do you want me to do? Condone the fact you have a male lover and just put up and shut up?”

“No,” he murmured softly. “I wish you to take my male lover, as you label Alex, for your own.”

This time, Devvy didn’t hover. She leapt off her seat and strode over to the fireplace to gawk at them both from a distance.

Sebastien’s jaw took on the characteristics of concrete. “We are not contagious.”

“I take it back,” she muttered, shaking her head and ignoring his pained anger. “This isn’t a soap opera. It’s a goddamn porn movie! Why the hell should I want to take a lover? Until now, I’ve been happy and damned busy keeping up with you!” She raised her hands and hugged herself. Self-comforting was the only way to go when she had two men wanting something from her that she had no idea how to give.

“I would like to see you with him.” His anger had bled out, making his voice a soft rasp that sent shivers down her spine even though she told herself to man up and add some starch to her bones.

“Why?” she whined. “That can’t be normal,” she added, mumbling more to the room than the two men in front of her.

“What is normal, Devvy?” Alex slotted in.

“Well, what the pair of you want sure as hell isn’t.”

“I would like to see you with him,” Bastien continued, almost as though the pair of them hadn’t interrupted. “I would like to share you with him. I would like us both to love you and to pleasure you. And for you to love and pleasure us.”

For some reason, only one thing popped in her head and she gasped out, “At the same time?”

Alex made a muffled sound and from his ducked head, she could tell he was fighting not to laugh.

“This isn’t funny!”

“No, it isn’t but you are such an innocent.” Alex sighed and it was strangely redolent with pleasure.

Life had been one whole heap of foreplay.

She didn’t need to be caressed.

She needed to be fucked by these two men.

And the sooner it happened, the better.

“Fuck me, baby, please,” she pleaded, her eyes huge in her delicate rose-tinged face as she held out her hands for Alex.

His chuckle was hoarse as he said, “I can deny you nothing, Devvy. Bastien, see to our mignonne.”

Bastien did as bade. He climbed onto the bed, settling atop the covers at the head and sinking down onto the cushions. He curled a finger, beckoning her to come to him and Alex helped her roll over and get onto her knees. How she managed that short crawl, Devvy didn’t know. She was a mass of molten mush. So on edge, so ready, she kind of wished she’d let them bring her off just to get a little stuffing back in her joints.

She shuddered as she settled on her husband’s lap. Just the sheer act of lifting a leg over so as to straddle him had her quivering. Her pussy lips parted with the gesture and that tiny movement had her clit throbbing.

She moaned when a hard cock immediately waited for entrance to her body. It nudged her clit, slid up and down, around and around the wet slit. When Bastien nudged in the tip, she grunted. No matter how wet she was, he was always so fucking wide.

Sucking in a breath, she bore down, pushing her stomach muscles into submission as her entire body went to work on accepting her husband inside. He wasn’t huge, but she was small. Even after two years of his thick girth.

He lodged the tip in, something that always filled her with relief and had sweat popping out of pores from both of them. It took a few seconds more to simply slide down and lodge him deep.

She shuddered when he was seated inside. Her muscles clamping down, twitching and releasing in an intimate greeting. Now he was there, bound to her, and she collapsed against him, a willing victim to whatever the hell they were about to do to her.

His chuckle sounded loud against her ear, as he murmured something in French to Alex, who immediately laughed. She knew it wasn’t at her, so she didn’t mind. And even if she’d had the energy to chide them for switching to French, she wouldn’t have. Bastien always reverted to his mother tongue during sex.

It was his weapon of mass orgasmic destruction.

The instant his grunts and groans, his whispered curses, turned French, she was a goner.

Every single time.

The sounds of their husky mutterings worked their magic on her, as they always did. Everything inside sat up in expectation.

The bed jolted slightly as Alex made his move onto the mattress, and she shuddered as his hand cupped her ass, sliding his callused palm over the silky flesh. His fingers ran down the crevice parting the two cheeks, and she whimpered as his fingers nudged at the pucker resting there.

The sound of liquid flowing was her only warning as cold lube splashed against her ass. Her grumbles were ignored and they were short anyway, as Alex began preparing her for him.

His fingers played with the pucker, spreading it, teasing it before retreating. He’d thrust finger-deep, and then pull all the way out, before thrusting in deep again. A mewl burst free as on one thrust, he pressed down. The move had Bastien hissing too and the pair of them shuddered against each other as Alex went to work.

Tucked against her husband’s chest, her legs cupping his waist, she’d never felt safer and more ready to fly off the deep end.

With him here to ground her, and Alex at her back to help her soar, Devvy experienced a deeper sense of belonging than she’d ever known with these two.

Her mind wasn’t up to deep, philosophical thinking. But her body knew the difference.

Today, these two men would be hers.

That’s all she knew, and her very DNA clamored with it.

Wet with lube, Alex’s fingers suddenly slid over the curve of her ass and she felt the bed shift as he pressed forward at a new angle. She knew now was the time and every part of her sang with the knowledge.

His cock head brushed the pucker he’d lovingly prepared. One hand kneaded her ass, while his cock began to nudge muscles aside to demand entry to her most forbidden part.

A thought fluttered through her mind as she waited, on the edge for Alex to take her…Why was it forbidden? And then, there were no more thoughts.

Slowly, but surely, Alex impaled her on his shaft.

It took a while. Every inch was hard-won, because Bastien’s girth already filled her to bursting.

There were moments that were uncomfortable. Moments that had tears pricking her eyes and rolling down to dampen Sebastien’s shoulders. But they were slow. They took their time and fingers belonging to Sebastien, she imagined, skated between them to caress her clit, as though reminding her of the pleasure to come.

When his shaft was deep in her ass, Alex’s low keening cry echoed around the room. The strange pitch trembled along her nerve endings, putting her on edge in a way she couldn’t understand.

A flurry of French rebounded between the pair of them. Sounds of grunts and groans, husky laughs and need-filled chuckles told her, without words, the depth of pleasure she was giving her men.

She didn’t need the English. She just needed their mother tongue to work its insidious magic on her body.


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Clair’s Clan welcomes Dennis Hawk.




I am delighted to welcome today’s guest on Clair’s Clan. Dennis Hawk is a dear friend and he’s agreed to answer questions about his writing and poetry today.


1. Will you tell us a little about yourself. Please include a picture if you wish.

I’m a 49 year old male, been writing poetry professionally since the age of 13 and have had this idea for the book I am only just (now) working on. It will be a three part series, based on a Warlock and his ‘casual, everyday life being thrown upside down by a horrific and earth shattering event. My only regret is that I didn’t write it sooner – ahead of my time, if you will – as the paranormal erotica category has been saturated over the years and book series turned movies have also made many of my own, genuine ideas, seem like I ripped off the mainstream. While, I still hold true to my own concept as ‘fresh’ and I feel I still have a valid concept and originality, it’s also refreshing to know that authors like J.R. Ward and Kressley Cole both share my sensually twisted and creative mind. I have raised three maniacal, crazy ((but brilliant and gorgeous, too, lol)) daughters, but now that two are in college and one a senior in high school, I plan to publish not only an illustrated book of my poems (I’m an extremely ‘visual’ kind of guy), but finally commit my time for ‘me’ and write. Dark, erotic writing has always been a passion and I hope to shake up the genre, asap (winks)) so look for me to come soon ((but not TOO soon, hahaha)) … thank you.
2. Why did you start to write? Have you always longed to write a book or was there a trigger?
Oops, I think this question was answered in my rambling post of reflection, in ‘answer 1′ lol.
3. What sort of books do you write?
poetry and paranormal erotica/romance
4. How autobiographical are your stories?
While I am not a ‘Warlock’ as is the character in my stories, I do hold deep spiritual connections to the unexplained, mystical and macabre. I blame my grandma telling stories of her friends being witches and the many unexplainable events that I’ve been an eye witness to throughout my life and the fact that at ages 6-10, ‘being good at the grocery store’ was rewarded by being allowed to pick 3 comic books weekly. ‘Beware’, ‘Vampire’ and ‘Vampirella’ ((now collector comics fetching big money)) is what really fascinated me and cemented the surreal and supernatural mindset of ideas throughout the rest of my life.



I laugh to think that “I wrote a darker, more violent ‘Twilight’ when I was 14 and mom wanted me to go to therapy – now, it’s mainstream” hahaha.
5. Have you a favourite setting for your stories?

Waterfalls. I have a deep feeling of energy and peacefulness when I am near one. It’s the main setting of my book and the name of book 1 is “Rhysling Falls”

6. Which author or authors have influenced you and why?
I love authors J.R. Ward, Kressley Cole and Clair De Lune. Kressley Cole is brilliant and has a clone of MY mind. God help both her AND her friends, lol.
7. If you could have only one book, which one would it be and why?
Bram Stroker’s first DRACULA. It’s fetching $60,000 on eBay.

8. How do you get yourself in the mood for writing?
I’m always in the mood as my mind is always thinking with ideas swirling with a creative ‘want’ to write them down. Unfortunately, the reality is that with a 12hour a day job and lack of sleep, – sadly – I can’t act upon a thing.
9. What is the strangest place you have written in?
A toilet, at church. I was listening to a story of Adam and Eve and had the most brilliant poem come to mind about being the Snake in the Garden of Eden. Thought my skin would start smoldering right there in the pew, lmao.
10. Have you ever experienced ‘writer’s block’ and how did you cope with it?
Fatigue is my creative mind’s enemy. I want to do so much, yet, when I come home and shower, I sometimes, simply fall asleep and never get the day’s thoughts down on paper. It’s maddening, as I want some ‘me time’ but ((for now, anyway)) can’t find any.
11.Where do you live? Tell us what you like about your town or city?

A small town called Sewickley, Pa. I have only felt a certain energy, here and Salem, Mass. I swear that walking through the woods in either place is a mirrored image of one another – it’s creepy, yet hauntingly beautiful at the same time, lol.
12. If you could live anywhere in the world where would you choose and why?
Somewhere there are only three seasons, I have become sick of all the damn snow at wintertime. I would love to drive a couple hours to ski or snowmobile – WHEN snow was wanted – then leave it behind without worries. Like small nieces and nephews – glad they came to visit, but happy they will leave and aren’t yours – lol.

13. What is your pet hate?
Close minded people, illiterate authors and slow drivers in the fast lane on the interstate.
14. Which fictional character do you wish you’d created?
Dracula. I’m American Indian and Transylvanian, my grandparents ((mom’s side)) coming from the Carpathian Mountains. The Dracula legacy has always fascinated me and the newest movie being released soon, looks amazing!
1. A place you have always wanted to visit.
Bermuda Triangle
2. Favourite meal.
Chicken Parm and a nice fresh salad with warm, just baked Italian bread.
3. Best place to take a first time date.
The woods. ((Just kidding)) but, the park for a little stroll after a nice dinner. it’s semi-private, comfortable to get a nice conversation going and before you know it, holding hands and laughing at the duck pond.
4. Most memorable moment in your life.
When I found out that one COULD actually bring forth an unexplained ‘energy’ into our own realm. I was 16 and just HAD to try, as gramm’s had told me many stories of our heritage and unexplained events. First and last time I have used my ((coughs)) ‘gift?’ … the attic of Grams, where I stayed for a spell ((hehe)) is STILL with that energy. My aunt has rented the duplex for the past 28 years and renters have never stayed too long. They’ve painted over my ‘original art’ lol, but even wall paper won’t stick for long and primer/paint stills shows faint etchings … Paneling has stopped that, of course and a tenant for the past 5 years loves the fact there is a ‘ghost in the attic,’ if you will. At holidays I always jokingly get “Dino, when will you go get rid of your thing in gramma’s attic” … They are crazy. It will be pissed I left it there that long.
5. Most embarrassing moment.
At age 15. I had a diving competition and my sister had a sleep over the night before. I was doing awesome and the place was packed. Many people all smiling at me and I thought I was doing extremely well and they were all amazed at my talent. Until, the second dive in, I looked down at my toes – they were painted a deep PINK with sparkly accent! I have not forgiven my sister and her friends – to this day – for that.
6. Favourite room in your house.
My bedroom ((laughs)) of course!
7. A TV programme you never miss.
Grimm, Penny Dreadful, NCIS and Person of Interest
8. A real person living or dead you wish you could meet.
Clair De Lune. She enthralls and inspires me. I wish to seduce her with my charms, lol.  (Oh I can’t wait!!)

9. Superstitious?
Let’s just say ‘professionally curious, yet extremely cautious to that which is -as of yet- unexplained.
10. Do you celebrate Valentine’s Day?
Yes I do ((winks)) I promise I will have a Heart on, for ya ((wicked evil grin)) lol
That was a fascinating interview Dennis and I enjoyed it. It explains a lot!! Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions and find the photos. I know how busy you are.  <3





Second Chances by Clair de Lune

Second Chances by Clair de Lune

People are not all young, beautiful, and fancy-free. In my stories I like to take older characters, who have been damaged in some way by life or upbringing or the cruelty of a partner, and see what happens. They meet someone, or several someones, and fall in love, but their past affects the way they react to their new love. They may have low self-esteem or problems with body-image. When someone comes along to whom none of that matters, they have to face it themselves and reject the past. They can’t change who they are, their age or their looks, but they can accept what they are, as seen through the eyes of a lover. It’s this process by which, with help, they arrive at a whole new vision of themselves, escaping from the past and those adverse influences, that interests me. It may be a physical infirmity, it may be age difference, or it may just be a less than perfect body. Who hasn’t wished for beautiful body? Whatever it is, it can be overcome with help and support. In the end it’s the person inside who matters.
In Angel in Hell I wanted to create a fantasy world where ManLove in a ménage is the norm. Angel’s mission is to find his mates. On Hades young people are paired and raised to be the mates of an Alpha male. Until Arielle arrives, Oronsay and Colonsay experience nothing but exploitation and ill-treatment. Their only comfort is each other. Arielle takes them to his home on Prospero, where they learn there is a different way of living and loving. They are all equal in the ménage. Even if the Alpha, Arielle, has the last word, with that comes the responsibility of taking care of both of them. Gradually they come to accept that they are worthy, that what they want and desire will be taken into account. Colonsay has a long talk with Arielle’s mother about her own experiences of a ménage, and through the older woman’s eyes she begins to see the possibilities for herself and her two mates. Oronsay is slower to trust Arielle. He’s felt himself responsible for Colonsay for years, but gradually as he falls for Arielle and accepts Arielle’s gentle and respectful treatment of both of them. He sees that what he has felt all along is right. Then he is happy to relinquish ultimate responsibility for Colonsay to Arielle and take his proper place in the ménage.
Devil, in Lucifer’s Errant Sub, was abandoned by his mother and raised by a sect with strict rules. He’s been taught that he’s not worthy, and love-making is wrong. It’s only allowed to service the brothers, and otherwise is something dirty, for which punishment is handed out. When he’s rescued by Lucifer, he begins to see that there is another way of looking at things. He blossoms under Lucifer’s loving and gentle encouragement. He begins to take the initiative in their love-making and soon he’s an enthusiastic partner. Although his self-doubt leads him to mistrust Lucifer when he overhears part of a conversation and to run away, Lucifer demonstrates his love and loyalty by following and rescuing Devil yet again. Devil begins to see that if Lucifer is willing to forgive him and loves him no matter what, then the sect were wrong and he’s worthy of the love, both physical and emotional, that Lucifer bestows on him. In return he embraces, with enthusiasm, the BDSM lifestyle that Lucifer lives and becomes the happy and fulfilled sub that Lucifer always knew he could be.
Rafael, in Saving Master Rafael, is a bi-sexual Dom. His first two subs died in a car accident. He blames himself because he’s a Dom and therefore responsible for his subs. When he’s offered a second chance, with Jess and Heather, although he finds himself falling for them, he rejects them. He tells himself that it’s for their own protection, but he cannot face the possibility of more pain either to himself or to them if he lets them down. Mistress Catriona steps in and sets him straight. She makes him see that the reason Johann was an alcoholic was not Rafael’s fault, but his family’s rejection of his sexuality. He was doing well with Rafael’s help, but the accident happened when he drank to excess after the loss of a little sister to illness. His family had forbidden all contact between them, and he was devastated because he wasn’t able to say good-bye to her. Thyme was narcissistic, and she needed constant admiration from several men to satisfy her. He’s made to see that, rather than protecting them, he’s hurting Jess and Heather by rejecting them. When he comes to terms with that, he has to explain his past to them, and put it behind him, with their support. Jess is really a bi-sexual sub, but Heather needed him to be a Dom, and straight, so for years he’s put aside his own needs to cater to hers. He falls for Rafael, and when Heather sees his need, she realises how selfish she’s been. All three of them have to change in order to seize their chance of happiness. When Heather sees Jess with Rafael, she’s conscious of just what Jess has given up for her, and then she begins to embrace the idea of a ménage with enthusiasm.
Everyone deserves a second chance. My characters are presented with the opportunity to be happy, but in order to do so they have to take a risk and reject the person or circumstances that have damaged them. We are privy to their inner struggles to overcome their doubts and conditioning. We watch as they gradually come to see there is a different way to live and love. In the end they accept that they are worthy of the love they are offered. It’s not until they can see themselves through the eyes of the person who loves them, that they can appreciate what they have to offer and seize the chance to be happy. It’s not all plain sailing, and sometimes I revisit a couple in order to see what happens after the first book closes. Do they live happily ever after, as it seemed they would? How easy was it to throw off the conditioning? What sort of difficulties did they face and how did they overcome them. Through all of their struggles, one thing is a constant. They love someone and they are loved in return. That causes them to re-examine their past and their attitudes. It makes them reject past mistakes and negative influences and accept themselves for what they are, which is a unique and beautiful human being, capable of inspiring love and respect. Now if only real life was like that. Is it like that? All relationships need dedication and effort, but sometimes in real life they just don’t work. How does that affect those involved and can they trust again when a new love comes along? That’s why I write about second chances. None of the harrowing circumstances I write about in Saving Master Rafael for example, have happened to me in real life, although I have lost loved ones. I am aware that many people have been, and still are, persecuted and rejected for their beliefs and their sexuality. I wish it weren’t so. I do believe that love is love, and love is not wrong.
The only second chance that I personally have had is my writing. I had a long career as a teacher, and when it ended I was at a loose end. Teaching is arduous but fulfilling. No two days are the same. The joy of passing on my enthusiasm for Spanish to my pupils gave a meaning and purpose to my professional life. Teaching is not just about the imparting of knowledge, and your specialist subject. Pupils who like and trust you come to consult you about a wide range of personal issues, and they value your opinion and support. When all that came to an end my days were all the same. Doing the housework, learning more appliqué techniques, catching up on reading, were fine for a while but they were never going to fill the rest of my life. Depression began to take over again, until my youngest son challenged me to write a book. I have always enjoyed Sci-Fi and Detective fiction and he suggested something along those lines. However I’d begun to read about BDSM and the more depressed I became the more extreme the BDSM, which in turn fed the depression. When I began to think about his challenge I wanted to write about BDSM, but not the extremes. I began to do just that, and life became more interesting. I got my second chance but I had to work to get it. My Doms are caring, loving and responsible. They live by “Safe, Sane and Consensual,” but they are Doms. They identify the issues their subs have then they support them, until they are able to seize their chance of happiness with both hands.

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Something for the Weekend? Try the Blood Red Rose Club




Do you want something a little different to read this weekend? The Doms and subs of The Blood Red Rose Club are waiting to share their stories. If you like your BDSM light and your erotic romance with a HEA, then this series is for you. Book one is a ménage with a difference, start there….