Master "K" does it again...

I got the most wonderful surprise in the post today. Master “K” sent me a copy of the updated version of his book. He also sent the following information….. King […]

Holiday Hop for Siren Authors

  Hello and welcome to Clair’s Clan and the Holiday hop for Siren authors. The grand prize: $100 Giftcard to one US reader $100 Giftcard to one International reader $50 […]

Clair's Clan welcomes Jacqueline Anne

I am delighted to welcome Jacqueline Anne with her sizzling new release the second in the series… Author’s Bio Jacqueline Anne’s love of a well told story has led her […]

Christmas is coming

  This beautiful ad was created for me by Sheelin Studios. The beautiful castle was the inspiration for the castle that played host to “Prometheus in Chains” in their Highland Christmas

Take one depressed sub and a caring Dom. Transport them to fairy-tale castle in the remote Scottish highlands. Throw in a mix of old friends with new problems and you […]

My guest on Clair’s Clan today is the self published author, Serena Akeroyd. She’s here to tell us the story behind “Ménage Material,” and to give us a taste of […]

Clair's Clan welcomes Dennis Hawk.

    I am delighted to welcome today’s guest on Clair’s Clan. Dennis Hawk is a dear friend and he’s agreed to answer questions about his writing and poetry today. […]

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